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Escape Scene is hiring motivated individuals as agents to tell our community about our fun and exciting offerings! No experience is necessary; we just need people who can passionately communicate. We are seeking individuals who can make cold-calls during the week to local businesses to tell them about our innovative new program that just launched: Observational Group Interviews.

Observational Group Interviews are a growing trend with top employers. If you’re tired of trying to think up interview questions and frustrated with deciding whether a candidate will be a good employee by looking at a resume and spending just a few minutes with them, these interviews allow you to observe a person's skills and abilities instead of just questioning them in a traditional interview style. Employers can bring their next group of candidates to Escape Scene and watch and listen to their actions and interactions while they play the room!

In this environment, barriers come down and people's natural tendencies are displayed. You can observe firsthand their attention to detail, leadership abilities, teamwork, problem solving skills, time management capabilities and willingness to ask for help when needed, all in a setting that simulates a time sensitive project.

Team building is another excellent opportunity for local businesses at Escape Scene! Hold your next team building session at Escape Scene and participate in one of the most value-added, adrenaline packed events your team has ever done! Our games are designed to be challenging but achievable when all members of a group work together as a team and demonstrate a spirit of cooperation.

Our Games engender laughter, fun and a unique experience that will be remembered around the office for a long time to come, all while giving teams the opportunity to practice and analyze their skills in communication, creativity, critical thinking, logic and organization in a high-pressure scenario.

We are offering a 20% commission on all group observational interviews and team building events that our sales agents can acquire. We will provide you with a list of businesses that need to be called, and you can contact them on your own time and from your own home. We need agents who are as excited about Escape Scene as we are and can engender that same enthusiasm in our community!

If you are interested in applying fill out the form below, and  include a paragraph telling us why we should go to your Favorite vacation spot.

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