S.I.A. BRIEF: Mission I

Location: DeadwooD, SD
Time: AUGUST 7, 1876


Deadwood Escape Room

Mission: Recover the first fragment of an alien technology that enables time travel. It is critical to recover this fragment, from Sheriff Al Havoc’s office in Deadwood, before he can unite it with the other two and use it to conquer humanity.

Overview: You are a Space-time Investigation Agency Special Agent. This is the first mission in a series of missions to defeat former SIA employee Alastor Havoc. Alastor has traveled to different eras and created different identities in an effort to reconstruct his father’s time travel device. You are attempting to foil his plot to avenge his alien father and take over the planet.

To do this you will travel through time to the era of the Black Hills gold rush, shortly after the death of Wild Bill Hickok. You will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of a by-gone era. Nothing can be taken for granted. Everything in the environment may be a clue…or maybe not. Find secret files, unlock secrets and utilize what you find to unlock the combination that will lead to a successful mission!

Recommended for: Groups that want to have fun in the old west!