Observational group interviews

Tired of trying to think up interview questions that will help you hire the best candidate?

Frustrated with deciding whether a candidate will be a good employee by looking at yet another resume and spending a few minutes with them while they are on their best behavior?

Don't get stuck with a bad hire!

it's time to think outside the box and put your applicants in one!

Observational Group Interviews are a growing trend with top employers. They allow you to observe a person's skills and abilities instead of just questioning them in a traditional interview style.


Bring your next group of candidates to escape scene and watch and listen to their  actions and interactions while they play the room!


In this environment barriers come down and people's natural tendencies are displayed. observe firsthand their attention to detail, leadership abilities, teamwork, problem solving skills, time management capabilities and willingness to ask for help when needed.  All in an setting that simulates a time sensitive project.

Contact us at Everett@escapescene.com with questions or to book now! However we can help you book your observational group interview, let us know!